Engineering a seamless booking experience

Seamlessly integrate distribution content into web and mobile applications, enabling a direct to consumer relationship.


One platform, endless potential

The Meili platform enables mobility companies to contract directly with airlines and travel partners, providing full ownership and access to their customers.

The Meili Booking Engine

An all-inclusive, multi-platform reservation system for car rentals and mobility services that can be fully personalised to align with your brand's style guide, ensuring consistent branding across all platforms.

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Configurable Framework

Experience a uniform UX across all platforms, with faster load times, automatic cloud sync, unlimited storage and more. Meili is built with a cloud architecture that enables our partners to scale distribution and deliver updates across the platform in seconds.

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Actionable Data Insights

Meili provides mobility companies with full ownership and access to their customer's raw data, as well as business insights. Our intelligent data core begins with huge volumes of data flowing into our pipeline. This data is then processed using our proprietary machine-learning algorithms, resulting in revenue-maximising insights and increased operational efficiencies.

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Trust & Security

An organisation's data is one of its principal assets - at Meili, we implement the protections needed for your data to remain secure. We deploy industry-leading safeguards and are continuously monitoring our security positioning, so you can rest easy knowing your most sensitive data is protected 24/7.

Security Partners

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Harness the power of direct customer relationships

256-Bit Encryption

We deploy industry-leading safeguards and are continuously monitoring our security positioning, so you can rest easy knowing your data is protected.

Data & Insight

We provide all raw data as well as data insights to our partners. Experience actionable insights to stay ahead of your customer’s needs.

Direct Connection

We engineer a seamless booking experience putting mobility brands back in control of their customer's experience.

Real-time Sync

Our cutting-edge technology ensures seamless, real-time synchronisation, providing instant updates and the most recent data.

Marketplace Optimisation

Ongoing marketplace optimisation ensures your customers can make more informed purchase decisions.

Expert Merchandising

Monetise unique product features and service attributes through innovative technology.

Moving you closer to your customers to build loyalty and drive revenues

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Grow with the best and brightest

Our platform rewrites the rules empowering the world’s leading mobility businesses to delight their customers, driving brand loyalty, and long-term success.

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